Join us for our Youth Summer Events! Stay tuned for dates and activities!

Please note, MERGE & REACH will resume on Wednesday nights @ 6:30pm in the fall. 

(Grades 7-9)

Welcome to Merge!
We all want to fit in. To belong. To believe in something bigger than ourselves. If you are in Jr. High, we want to invite you to come discover what life sold out for Jesus looks like with others just like you!

(Grades 10-12)

Welcome to Reach!
We are the High School Student community of St. Albert Alliance Church! Through fun events, diving into God’s word and partnering with Jesus on His mission, we hope that you’ll feel right at home with us and that you’ll make some great friends along the way on your walk with God.

The Drop
(Grades 7-12)

Welcome to The Drop!
We’ll have games, food, spaces to catch up on homework, the occasional movie, and loads more! If you’re in grade 7 to 12, this is for you!
Hope to see you there!

Please note, The Drop will resume in the fall. 

Meet Pastor Josh

Meet Pastor Abbey

Meet Brittney