Meet Our Leadership Team.

Lead Team

Kirk Cowman

Lead Pastor

Lisa Peters

Associate Lead Pastor

Pastoral Staff

Josh Ginn

Youth & Young Adults Pastor

Abbey Dyck

Associate Youth & Young Adults Pastor

Melayne Shankel 

Worship & Communications Pastor

Pam Loeppky

Groups & Connections Pastor

Bob Cowie

Community Engagement Pastor

Debbie Beckman

Xtreme Kids Pre-School Pastor

Janelle Rempel

Kids & Family Pastor

Nathan Carroll 

Urban Ministries Pastor

Support Staff

Keith Molberg

Tech Director

Josh Johnston

StAAC Digital Content Creator

Janessa Bannerman

Communications Coordinator

Jay-Anne Trela

Elementary Director

Brittney McKay

Youth & Young Adults Coordinator

Aileen Rose

Pastoral Ministry Assistant

Robyn Flett

Facility and Events Coordinator

Cliff Craig

Financial Administrator

Sherry Martinez


Sherry Knoppers

Reception & Ministry Support Assistant

Elders Board

Kirk Cowman

Warren and Candace Molberg

Dave Freeman (Holly)

Mike Lieske (Christi)

Terry Beckman (Debbie)

Tracy Moore (Nancy)

Brent Dueckman (Connie)

Matt Tracy ( Bernadette)

Alison Zalasky (Darcy)

Kim Giacetti (John)

Leaders In Training

Mikayla Wiebe

Rachel Samaroden (Mike)