Discussion Guides & Tools

We have several resources and tools available to help you as you journey with Jesus! 

First Steps Reading Plan

First Steps will help you explore faith, discover who Jesus is, and why a relationship with him is essential. The First Steps plan is meant to be read over sixty days, one chapter a day, but you can go at your own pace and check off each day as you complete the reading.

Prayer of Examen

The Prayer of Examen is a useful tool that prompts us to remember God's presence, express gratitude, reflect on the day, and prepare for the day to come.


If you have been reading the Bible for a while and are looking for a new tool to help you hear God’s voice through Scripture, check out our SOLAR Bible reading tool. Click the button and download now. 

Discussion Guides

Download our Small Group Discussion guides that follow our Sermon series. Click on the title below to download now.

What Lies Beneath (Fall 2023)
Deconstructing Faith (2024)

Online Links

These are some helpful online tools and apps that will help you as you journey with Jesus. Click the titles below to view.
Practicing the Way 
You Version Bible APP 
Bible Memory App

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

In James 1, we read the directive that we should be people who are quick to listen and slow to speak. It is a practice that allows us to hear others. On National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, may we approach it with a posture of listening and learning. We have a number of resources available that help us listen and learn.
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