This is Us. 

We love that Jesus is the Head of the Church, and we joyfully seek to follow His leadership in all areas – whether big or small!
We are SO thankful that our local church family is part of a larger family of churches that spans the globe (and not to mention, the last 2 millennia!). 
While there is so much that unites us under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, we also celebrate the unique flavour that each local expression of the church brings.  

This is us…and some of the nuances of how we think about what it means to follow Jesus.

Are You Curious? 

Curious about Jesus?
Curious about the kind of faith community we are seeking to become?
While we don’t know what has prompted you to come to this page on our website,
we suspect curiosity has something to do with it.  

Heaven on Earth

Jesus talked about the Kingdom of God…a lot!  In fact, Jesus said the reason He came to earth was to announce that the Kingdom of God was now available on the earth.  What did He mean by that?
What is the gospel that Jesus Himself actually preached?  

Jesus as the Functional Head of the Church 

One of our deepest convictions is that Jesus is to be the Functional Head of the church, not just the Figurehead of the Church.

For us, that means we are purposeful and intentional to give “Jesus the floor” regularly in our leadership and team meetings.  It is part of our normal practice to stop conversations; to stop leadership discussions and simply to ask Jesus questions…and then to just be quiet – often a whole room of people – and listen for any direction, counsel, insight and instruction that Jesus might choose to share.  

Apprenticeship with Jesus 

People sometimes confuse the call of Jesus to be about adhering to certain intellectual beliefs about God so that we can find favour with Him.  But is this what Jesus Himself taught?
At St. Albert Alliance - we talk a lot about being apprentices of Jesus and so if you’re looking to orient yourself to our community, it’s helpful to understand what we mean by this. What is an apprentice?

How Do We Do This? 

Of course, Jesus is not currently walking the streets of St.Albert in bodily form these days, so how does someone take seriously the call to apprentice with Him?
What does it look like to arrange our life around a deliberate apprenticeship to Jesus, so that – through the power of the Holy Spirit and Christ Himself living within us – we might become more like Him?