The Hub (Support & Recovery)

The Hub (Support & Recovery)

Every Tuesday, 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Please note that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, The Hub will not be meeting in-person, indefinitely. Please join us online for meetings. Click below  to get placed in a group- or contact your small group leader for info on meeting.

 The HUB is a Bible-based, Christ-centered safe support and recovery ministry for those who struggle with life’s hurts, habits, and hangups. Participants will celebrate God’s healing power in their  lives by sharing their experiences, strengths and hopes through the steps of support and  recovery.  

To find a group that would best serve you click HERE 

This program is on-going. 

Anonymity and confidentiality are protected. 

The HUB  has support groups in the following areas: 
  • Support with Life's Struggles
  • Recovery from a Sexual or Pornography Addiction
  • Recovery from Alcohol or Drug Addiction
  • Healing from being Sexually Abused/Assaulted
  • Support for Friends and Family of Addiction (Co-Dependent) 
  • Help, Healing and Hope for Women
  •  "Betrayal and Beyond" Support for Women of spouses with Sexual or Pornography Addiction
  • Divorce Care Support
  • Support for PTSD and Depression 
  • Anxiety (NEW)
  • Anger Management Support Group (NEW!)
  • Support for Women experiencing Infertility or Loss of an Infant (NEW)

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