Living as Apprentices of Jesus

Here at St. Albert Alliance Church, we take the practical experience of being an apprentice of Jesus seriously. We want to be a community of people who live like Jesus, engaging in a lifestyle that reflects his day-to-day priorities. 

In its simplest form, our heart is to help each other learn to listen to, trust and obey Jesus,    that we might see heaven come to earth. 

We use the word ‘apprentice’ (another word for ‘disciple’) because an apprentice is someone who has decided to arrange their lives around being and learning from another person so that they can become capable of doing what that person does or to become who that person is.*

Apprenticeship to Jesus is not about going to a church service or knowing the right answers in a game of bible trivia, but is about actually following Jesus and being formed into His likeness by the Holy Spirit.  It doesn’t happen by accident or without our deliberate engagement.  

However, when we choose to lay down our own personal agendas and truly allow Jesus to show us how to walk closely with Him, the values and priorities of heaven start to be expressed here on the earth through us.  

We are convinced that a pursuit of the deeper life with Christ leads to fruitful and life-changing participation in His mission and we seek to give expression to this pursuit through some foundational commitments: 

* Thanks to John Ortberg and Dallas Willard for this definition.

IMPLICATIONS:  What does this look like?