Living as Apprentices of Jesus

Here at St. Albert Alliance Church, we take the practical experience of being an apprentice of Jesus seriously. We want to be a community of people who live like Jesus, engaging in a lifestyle that reflects his day-to-day priorities. 

Jesus’ invitation, “follow me,” is being issued to each and every one of us. The invitation is to become a disciple of Jesus. The word disciple means the same thing as the word apprentice (a much more common word in our culture). Both words imply the same type of relationship: one in which an individual is trained through working and living alongside a master.

This starts by a desire to grow in relationship with Jesus. This desire is best evidenced by an unwavering resolve to inquire of Jesus in everything. It is the polar opposite of striving in our own strength to become self-made men and women.

IMPLICATIONS:  What does this look like?