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Please watch the following update shared on May 19,2019 from Pastor Jeremy

Seed Project Update May 19,2019 from St. Albert Alliance Church on Vimeo.

A PLENTIFUL HARVEST OF NEW LIVES... 30, 60, 100x what was planted!
This is what we long for and continue to pray for at StAAC!

St. Albert Alliance Church has never been about a building - we are all about seeing people grow up into mature, fruit-bearing apprentices of Jesus Christ in the now-available Kingdom of God! This is what "The Seed Project" is fundamentally about.
Among many strategies, we believe that God is inviting us to pursue a newly imagined facility that will help continue to posture us for effectively sowing the seeds of the Kingdom.


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There comes a point in every faith journey where a decision to commit is required. After a considerable season of deliberate exploration and careful preparation, insightful questions and honest answers, wise feedback and collaborative refinement – all in a posture of prayer and expectation – eventually the time comes where a decision is required.
This is exactly where we find ourselves as a church family. After nearly 6 years of praying, preparing, and planning, we are on the cusp of a new chapter in our building redevelopment effort – The Seed Project. It’s decision time.


What am I being asked to commit to?
Pray. Listen to Jesus. Make a 3-year financial faith commitment to the Seed Project in obedience to Jesus’ direction.
When should I make my faith commitment?
We are asking that 3-year commitments be made at any point throughout the month of October. This will help us discern the financial viability of moving to the construction phase in early 2019.
Why a 3-year commitment?
1) It demonstrates the financial will of the congregation for the Seed Project in tangible form.
2) Our denominational leadership requires it before it will grant approval for construction.*
3) 3 years allows us the potential for sufficient financial capital to be raised while still keeping the time frame manageable.
* Our denomination requires congregations to have 1/3 of the total project in cash, 1/3 of the total project in 3-year faith commitments, and 1/3 of the total project can be managed through a mortgage.

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On February 13, 2018, we had a Congregational Meeting to update you on the progress of the Building and next steps. Here is a video from our Architects explaining the design features in the building

On January 31, 2016 - we held a Congregational Meeting which revealed details about the building project as well as next steps. LISTEN TO AUDIO FROM OUR JAN. 31 MEETING.   Below are the conceptual drawings of the new building development.  

If you have any further questions or comments please Email Us

Conceptual Site Plan

Site Plan

Conceptual Floor Plan

Floor Plan

Conceptual Design

Conceptual Design

 * please note that these plans and pictures are subject to change


Crown: Equipping on Financial Management 
Everydollar: Simple to use budgeting APP ( by Dave Ramsey) 

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