Encounters With Jesus

Sep 13, 2020 | Jeremy & Lisa Peters

Deliberate Delays

Waiting stirs up a lot in us.  Whether we understand why there is a delay or not, it’s always hard, usually frustrating, and often confusing and disorienting for us.  Come and hear Pastors Jeremy and Lisa share from two intertwined encounters with Jesus in the Gospel of Mark that offer us hope and encouragement in the midst of the waiting we are currently experiencing.

Series Information

Throughout the gospels, we see Jesus encounter a variety of people, meeting them on their home turf, often, as they engaged in everyday activities. These encounters challenge our assumptions of who Jesus is - much in the same way they confronted the religious elite and the ideas people had about what a saviour would look like.

In those encounters, there is a contrast between those who chose to draw close to Jesus and those who pushed away from Jesus. Yet, a consistent result of those encounters is the people left changed in some way. Join us this summer as we look at Encounters with Jesus through the gospels and challenge our assumptions, while Jesus reveals his heart and invites each and every one of us to draw near to Him.

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Deliberate Delays

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