What in the World is God doing?

May 17, 2020 | Jeremy & Lisa Peters

Exploring our God Given Spiritual Instincts

One-size fits all usually doesn’t fit anyone very well!  The truth is, we are all unique and the way we engage in life, including our relationships, reflects our uniqueness.  The same is true in our relationship with God.  Tune in to hear Pastors Jeremy and Lisa share how God has gifted each of us with unique Spiritual Instincts to experience Him deeply.


Sermon Notes May 17, 2020

Series Information

These are confusing and disorienting days for the human race. No one alive on the earth today has firsthand experience with the impact of a global pandemic of this size and scale. It raises questions for many of us - what is God doing? Why is He allowing this to happen? How is He going to redeem this for His sovereign purposes? Where is God in all of this? While none of us ultimately knows all that is in the mind and heart of God, we do know His character is unchanging. In time, His goodness, wisdom and mercy will become clear as we hold tightly to Him. This series will explore a variety of themes found in Scripture that shed light on this current moment we find ourselves in.

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