Meet the Team.

We have the privilege of having a fantastic  staff team here at St. Albert Alliance Church – each member bringing to the table unique gifts and a passionate heart for calling people to and equipping people in their apprenticeship journey with Jesus.

Jeremy Peters 

Lead Pastor
Jeremy has been on staff at StAAC for 16 years! He loves the amazing people at StAAC and their genuine desire to follow Jesus. Some of Jeremy's favourite passages and Bible verses include, Psalm 23, Isaiah 40 and 1 Corinthians 15:57-58. In his off time, you can find Jeremy going on long walks with Lisa, riding motorcycles and playing electric guitar.  Jeremy owns 5 plaid shirts and would choose Marvel over DC any day. 

Wes Brodhead 

Executive Pastor
Wes has been with StAAC for 3 years. His favourite thing about StAAC is the commitment of the congregation and leadership to be fully committed apprentices of Jesus. Wes loves to read, go for a drive in his Porsche and spend time with his grandkids. If you were to ask him to choose between Marvel and DC, he would choose Marvel ( there any argument?)

Mike Sotski 

Teaching & Missions Pastor 
Mike has been on staff for 3 years and his favourite Bible verse is Ephesians 2:8-10. The thing he likes most about St. Albert is the small city feel and all of the great park space that allows you to feel like you are getting away, while still being in the city. His hobbies include most sports - he's always up for a little friendly competition. 

Lisa Peters 

Teaching & Women's Pastor 
Lisa has been on staff for 14 years. Her favourite thing about StAAC is the wonderful people. Lisa loves going for walks, having coffee with friends and reading. Her favourite Bible verse is Matthew 11:28-30.  Lisa owns 3 plaid shirts (but you should really ask her how many pairs of heels she owns!)

Bob Cowie 

Community Engagement Pastor
Bob has been on staff for 2 years. His favourite thing about StAAC is the diversity of the people and their willingness to step up when needed has been inspiring to him. Bob's favourite Bible verse is Philippians 2:10-11. He loves to go for a ride on his motorcycle and build various projects and he owns 6 plaid shirts! 

Pam Loeppky

Group Life & Xtreme Kids Pastor
Pam has been on staff for over 20 years!! She loves the people at StAAC and how wonderful the StAAC community is!  Her favourite Bible verse is Hebrews 11:1. Pam loves spending time with her family outdoors at the lake. The more time at the lake, on the boat, surrounded by loved ones, the better!

Dan MacGillivray 

Youth & Young Adults Pastor 
Dan has been on staff for just over 6 years. He loves the StAAC community and the family atmosphere it brings! His hobbies include video games (you're never too old), reading and hanging out with his family. If you asked him to choose between DC and Marvel, DC wins in his books. Dan also owns 17 plaid shirts! (He says it's part of the uniform.)

Melayne Shankel 

Worship & Communications Pastor
Melayne  has been on staff for 6 years.   She loves the people at StAAC and the welcoming community.  When she's not leading worship at StAAC, you can find her songwriting , in the recording studio, cooking, reading a good book or connecting with  friends!  She also loves being in the mountains.  Mel owns 7 plaid shirts  ( can she start adding the rest of her plaid accessories into this number too?) 

Keith Molberg

Director of  Music & Tech  
Keith has been on staff for more than 4 years and he loves the Bible verse, Acts 10:38. His favourite hobby is playing disc golf and if you asked him to choose between DC or Marvel, he would choose Marvel. It's hard for Keith to pick a favourite music artist, but he really enjoys listening to Woodkid. 

Gladys Lewis 

Director of Operations
Gladys has been on staff for over 20 years! Her favourite Bible verses are Isaiah 55:9 and Matthew 6:10.  In her off time, Gladys loves to sit down with a good book and spending time outside  in her garden during the summer. 

Aileen Rose 

Executive Assistant
Aileen has been on staff for 21 years! Aileen knew that God had called her to serve, and is so blessed to have followed the call on her life to serve StAAC. Her favourite thing about StAAC is the people, their love of God and our community. Aileen's favourite verse is Matthew 28:20. And if grandchildren could be a hobby, that would be Aileen's favourite hobby. She loves spending time with all of her grandchildren! 

Janelle Rempel 

Xtreme Kids Elementary Pastor
Janelle has been on staff at StAAC for 3 years, but had previously been on staff for 8! She took a break and worked in the school system for 5 years. Her favourite thing about StAAC is the Kids, of course! They never fail to make her smile! Janelle enjoys crafting, reading and walking her dog and playing games with her family! 

Debbie Beckman

Xtreme Kids Preschool Pastor
Debbie has been on staff for over 7 years and her favourite thing about StAAC is the kids!! Her favourite Bible verse is Psalm 104:1 and she loves to listen to Lauren Daigle. In her off time, Debbie likes to go trail running, playing the piano and knitting! 

Janessa Bannerman 

Communications Coordinator
Janessa has been on staff for 1 year and her favourite thing about StAAC is the people! She loves how welcoming everyone is and how StAAC is like family. In her off time you will find Janessa singing, cooking, crafting and making floral arrangements! If you asked her to pick a favourite song, she couldn't tell you,  because she loves so many artists! 

Sherry Martinez 

Sherry has been on staff for almost 3 years. She is so grateful for the staff and elders that guide and lead StAAC and their great example of living a life of faith! Sherry loves to read, cook and spend time with her family, especially her 15 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren! She owns more than 10 plaid shirts (and is a country girl at heart)!