Reading We Recommend

There are some books that we believe are particularly helpful in the journey of Apprenticeship with Jesus. These books have helped to shape our journey. None of these books are safe. Each one will challenge and change the way you see God, yourself and the world around you.

Download our recommended reading list HERE 


Money Resources Next Steps

If you want more information on getting out of debt or financial planning tips...  here are some next steps to get you started! 

1) Download our recommended budget planners and cash flow guides (from

Click HERE for the Quick Start Budget Planner 

Click HERE for the Cash Flow Sheet 

Click HERE if you are a small business owner on a budget 

2) Need help right now? Click and we will connect you with a valuable resource that can help you start getting out of debt now

3) Download this FREE Budgeting App - Every Dollar ( Recommended by Pastor Jeremy) Click HERE to use the online tool Or DOWNLOAD the iPhone app now   


Maybe you missed a Sunday, or want to listen through the sermon again in for personal or group study! You'll find our teaching archives along with podcasts HERE 

Apprenticeship Stories

We love to tell the stories of those in our church living their lives as apprentices of Jesus. We encourage you to watch these stories and hope they inspire you to find your own apprenticeship journey! Visit the page HERE