Nov 24, 2019 | Mike Sotski

Walk This Way

What is the response that comes to mind when you hear the word obedience?  Often we think of duty or obligation with a little bit of guilt sprinkled in for good measure.  Why do we push back against the act of obedience?  Whether its rules from a parent or laws of the land, it seems we are always trying to see how far we can go. What would change in our lives if we were to practice a life of obedience?  Join us Sunday as we take time to look at the example of obedience given for us.

Series Information

Studies show that people say an average of 7-15 thousand words a day.  Most of those words will be quickly forgotten, but when someone nears the end of their life, we tend to pay closer attention.  We often get a deeper glimpse into what is most important to them and the things they want us to remember.  In the Gospel of John 13-17, we read the last words that Jesus gave to His disciples before His crucifixion.  As apprentices of Jesus, we are to pay close attention to what is most prominent on Jesus’ heart as His time on earth nears its culmination.  

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