Resolutions that Last

Feb 09, 2020 | Lisa Peters

The Relationship Choice

Join us for week six of our eight-part series, Resolutions that Last. This week we are learning about the Relationship Choice - the choice where we thoughtfully evaluate all of our relationships, seek to genuinely make amends, and extend forgiveness where needed. Join us on Sunday to hear Pastor Lisa share from scripture, and listen to a powerful personal testimony from a member of our church family as we humbly seek to engage the Relationship Choice wholeheartedly. 

Series Information

Let’s face it - as people, we’re imperfect, and therefore life can be really messy. It doesn’t require any soul searching to recognize that we've all been hurt by other people, and that in turn, we often hurt ourselves and others.  As a result, every single one of us ends up with some sort of hurthang-up, or habit that can limit the fullness of life that Jesus offers us.  The question we all face is, ‘where do we go from here?'  Many times our natural response is to run as a means of trying to escape and avoid dealing with the issues that are at the root of our actions and response - especially when it feels like we’ve tried…and failed to ‘fix’ our issues in the past.  We have a wholehearted conviction that there is great hope to experience life transformation in some of the stubborn areas in our lives.  Join us as we explore choices that can help lead us toward healing and wholeness.

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