Feb 24, 2019 | Graeme Lauber

The Church and Same-Sex Attraction- Q&A with Graeme Lauber from Journey Canada - PART 4 of 4

We know as a church  that it's so important to reflect the heart of Jesus and some of the cultural reality in respect to sexuality. This podcast is from a Q&A presented by Journey Canada  around the church and same-sex attraction. - Conversation 4 of 4.


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There is perhaps no other human reality in our time that requires more humility, grace, courage and a listening posture than that of same-sex relationships.  Many people wrestle with what the Bible teaches on this topic and how to navigate the implications in a way that reflects the grace and truth of Jesus.  Join us with a humble, teachable spirit as we have 4 conversations on this part of the human experience. 

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