Summer in the Psalms

Jul 07, 2019 | Dan MacGillivray

Taste & See

Psalms 34

Sometimes we need reminding of the blessings in our lives.  When life is hard, it’s difficult to see where God has been faithful and how He’s still at work in your everyday life.  But this is where the church can be a blessing to one another.  We need to hear stories of how God has been kind and gracious. We need to see that Jesus shows mercy beyond comprehension. We need to taste of the goodness that only He can give.  And we need one another to be a conduit of the love of Christ!

Series Information

Does life sometimes feel like you are on a roller coaster? There are great highs and everything seems to be going our way. Until we experience that next drop and the low that follows it. Add to this the time in between where it can feel like we are just hanging on for dear life or we are busy trying to catch our breath.  Sound familiar? Ever wonder if there is anybody else who knows how that feels? Join us this summer as we explore the Psalms finding wisdom and language to help us navigate this ride called life.

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