Sep 08, 2019 | Mike Sotski

Race Ready

If you have ever listened to any high performance athlete you will probably hear them talk about keeping their eye on the prize. Their need to focus on the goal and the task at hand is vitally important if they are going to see any measure of success in their athletic discipline.  What about the race of life? Many times we find ourselves going through the motions, thinking the decisions we make are mundane and unimportant, yet the life we live is a result of the choices we make. What if we took a step back and looked at our choices and asked the question, "Will this help me be race ready?" Join us Sunday as we continue our series Remodel

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If you have ever moved a common comment heard is, “Where did all this stuff come from?” We are shocked at the excess that we seem to accumulate over the years. In many ways we have a similar experience with our lives, over the years we take on practices, habits and general routines that become the norm. We don’t even notice how cluttered our lives have become until we get a chance to take a step back and look at all we are carrying with us. Join us this September as we take a look at Remodeling our lives that we can carry less, live more and experience the fullness of a flourishing life as an apprentice of Jesus.

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Sep 08, 2019

Race Ready

Many times we find ourselves going through the motions, thinking the...