Current Series


If you have ever moved a common comment heard is, “Where did all this stuff come from?” We are shocked at the excess that we seem to accumulate over the years. In many ways we have a similar experience with our lives, over the years we take on practices, habits and general routines that become the norm. We don’t even notice how cluttered our lives have become until we get a chance to take a step back and look at all we are carrying with us. Join us this September as we take a look at Remodeling our lives that we can carry less, live more and experience the fullness of a flourishing life as an apprentice of Jesus.

Summer in the Psalms

Does life sometimes feel like you are on a roller coaster? There are great highs and everything seems to be going our way. Until we experience that next drop and the low that follows it. Add to this the time in between where it can feel like we are just hanging on for dear life or we are busy trying to catch our breath.  Sound familiar? Ever wonder if there is anybody else who knows how that feels? Join us this summer as we explore the Psalms finding wisdom and language to help us navigate this ride called life.

Tuning In

Noise is everywhere.  It seems like the volume of the noise in our world today is ever increasing.  Frequently it all just becomes white noise- a constant distraction in the background of life. Yet God created us for relationship and relationships require communication.  So how do we learn to tune into the voice of the God who speaks?  Join us Sundays as we learn together to recognize and respond to God’s voice. Continuing to grow in an understanding of the biblical and theological framework of why we believe this is a non-negotiable for any apprentice of Jesus.

Easter 2019

Join us for our. special Easter Sunday service 

Vision Sunday

In the whirlwind of our everyday life and church family activity, we sometimes lose the larger plot of what Jesus is calling us to in our apprenticeship walk with Him, and how He has been at work in our lives personally and corporately.  Come and be reminded afresh of the vision we are seeking to walk out as a church family and listen to some of the story of Jesus that has been unfolding at StAAC over the past year. 

The Church & Same-Sex Attraction

There is perhaps no other human reality in our time that requires more humility, grace, courage and a listening posture than that of same-sex relationships.  Many people wrestle with what the Bible teaches on this topic and how to navigate the implications in a way that reflects the grace and truth of Jesus.  Join us with a humble, teachable spirit as we have 4 conversations on this part of the human experience. 

Beautiful Design

We all long for and crave deep and meaningful relationships. It has always been God’s beautiful design that human relationships – of which marriage is the most intimate and most profound – would be a major vehicle through which God would remake the human heart from the inside out.

There is a lot of confusion about what marriage is intended to be and how our sexuality is to be expressed in our day.

Into this reality, we need to uncover again (or perhaps for the first time), God’s beautiful design for marriage and sexuality. We invite you to join us for this important conversation. 

How Long?

Do you look around and wonder what is happening in our world? At every turn there seems to be a story of another disaster, more suffering and great loss. Why does this happen? How can this happen? Is there anything I can do that might change it from happening?

The problem becomes that the answers to these questions don’t come neatly wrapped and tied with a bow for us. Often times these questions just lead to more questions ultimately leading us to ask: How long must we wait for all things to be made right, for justice to prevail and hope to be restored?

Join us for the Christmas season as we engage with prophet Habakkuk exploring some of these questions as our hearts cry out “How Long?”

Spirit-Filled Life

The Holy Spirit is the One who regenerates, gives spiritual wisdom,
creates anew, convicts of sin, illumines the truth, comforts, teaches, and seals us as redeemed in Christ! In other words, it is impossible to live as an apprentice of Jesus apart from the Holy Spirit of God! Though the Holy Spirit has often been misunderstood, neglected, and even feared, we are to become Spirit-filled people, empowered for life in the Kingdom of God.

The Seed Project

One of the key images for us throughout our building redevelopment effort has been that the new facility would serve as a kind of ‘greenhouse’; that it would be the kind of environment that would provide optimal conditions for the seeds of the Kingdom to flourish.

However, plants of all kinds are not to find their permanent home in a greenhouse. Rather, they are tended and nurtured for a season that they may then be healthy and vibrant and ready to be re-planted in various homes, neighbourhoods and gathering places throughout a community.

As we invite 3-year financial commitments to The Seed Project, we will spend the month of October reflecting on how Jesus intends to grow us as a community of His apprentices – not just for our own sake – but that we might see the Kingdom of God express itself in St. Albert and beyond.

Captivated by Jesus


AT ST. ALBERT ALLIANCE CHURCH, we have structured our whole way of being around learning from Jesus as His apprentices because we are so compelled by Him. In this series, we’ll be reflecting deeply on Jesus - His Exuberant Joy, Disruptive Honesty, Shocking Humility and Extravagant Generosity. We want to shine a light on Jesus with the prayer that we would be captivated by Him and overcome with love, adoration, worship, trust and submission to Jesus all over again.

A Tale of 3 Kings

For many the thought of this summer’s royal wedding has captured their interest, with pvr’s set to make sure they don’t miss a moment.  What is it about royalty throughout time that has captured our attention.  Is it because royalty puts on display for the us the very thing our fairy tales or day dreams are made up of.  To one day be king or queen, to have the adoration of people, to lead armies into battle.  Join us this summer as we take a look at the lives of some prominent kings found in the scripture and see what we can learn from them. 


Series by Andy Stanley (North Point Ministries) 

Can you be unbalanced financially and still be a devoted follower of Christ? What does it even mean to be financially balanced?

In this 6-part series, you’ll be challenged to examine what you really believe about finances and faith:

• What does the Bible say about money?
• Can you survive without debt?
• Are you content with what you have?
• Are you giving God your leftovers?

This series is filled with insightful perspectives and practical exercises to build a biblical foundation for your finances.

This is a series by Andy Stanley ( North Point Ministries)