The Christian & Missionary Alliance

At St. Albert Alliance we are part of a larger family of churches called the Christian & Missionary Alliance in Canada.

We come from a rich history of seeking the deeper life of following Christ and reaching the nations through global missions. As name suggests, missions is a large part of what we are all about. The C&MA is committed to meeting world needs, both spiritual and physical, by being actively involved in sending and supporting missionaries – those who advocate for the outworking of kingdom values throughout the world.

The C&MA approaches the global ministries through what we call the 5S venture. The 5S’ stand for 5 different areas of the world, the Silk Road, the Desert Sand, Asian Spice, Caribbean Sun, and Sea to Sea (Canada). To find out more about the 5S Venture click here.

For more information on the Christian & Missionary Alliance -  visit their WEBSITE