Follow Jesus 

The call of Jesus is a personal one. 
The call is not to an ideology, a doctrine, a religious system…rather the call is to a Person.

Jesus says to each of us: “Come Follow Me.”
Our heart is to respond with a resounding: “Yes – we’re all in!”

First Steps 

New to the journey? Exploring how to get started with Jesus? Thinking of baptism? Click below for your steps

Spiritual Practices 

If you wanted to play the piano like Mozart or to run in the Boston marathon, could you do it just by trying really, really hard?  Not likely!

What would you need to do first?  Train!

Spiritual practices are God-given graces that enable us to train in the way of Jesus, so that we can become more like Him.

Apprenticeship Prayer Partners

Following Jesus was never intended to be a solo pursuit and the apprenticeship journey with Him is too adventurous, challenging and unpredictable to do alone.  We need others to walk with...

Spiritual Renewal

Let’s face it, there is a lot we experience in life that is hard and has a way of draining our life and vitality with God and others.  We all need intentional spaces where we can have our hearts and minds renewed.  Interested?