Leadership Team

Jeremy Peters

Lead Pastoroffice: 780-418-7512

Wes Brodhead

Executive Pastoroffice: 780-418-7511

Lisa Peters

Teaching & Women's Pastor office: 780-418-7519

Mike Sotski

Teaching & Discipleship Pastor office: 780-418-7507

Bob Cowie

Community Engagement Pastor office: 780-418-7510

Pam Loeppky

Groups & Xtreme Kids Pastoroffice: 780-418-7506

Dan MacGillivray

Youth & Young Adults Pastoroffice: 780-418-7520

Nathan Carroll

Church Planting Pastor

Gladys Lewis

Director of Operationsoffice: 780-418-7501

Melayne Shankel

Director of Communicationsoffice: 780-418-7522

Keith Molberg

Director of Worship Artsoffice: 780-458-5335

Aileen Rose

Executive Assistantoffice: 780-418-7512


Jay-Anne Trela

Facility Coordinatoroffice: 780-418-7523

Jen Kelada

Merge Students Administration Assistantoffice: 780-418-7516

Marny Traverse

Xtreme Kids Elementary Coordinatoroffice: 780-418-7502

Debbie Beckman

Xtreme Kids Early Childhood Coordinatoroffice: 780-418-7505

Michelle Knol

Xtreme Kids Administration Assistantoffice: 780-418-7509

Keith Cruikshank

Interim Maintenance, Set-up & Janitorial

Point Leaders

Candace Molberg

Point Leader - Prayeroffice: 780-458-5335

Carl Waldron

Point Leader - Global Missionsoffice: 780-458-5335

Dave Spiers

Board Chair & Building Committee

Trish Spiwek

Point Leader - Share & Wear