Jun 09, 2019 | Jeremy & Lisa Peters

The Posture of Discernment

Ruth Haley Barton writes: “Discernment is much more than mere decision making; it is, first of all, a habit, a way of seeking that can permeate our whole life.” 

There are three habitual prayers reflecting a heart posture that help prepare us to hear from the LORD.  Join us this week as Pastors Jeremy & Lisa seek to equip us to further tune in to the voice of Jesus in our everyday lives.

Series Information

Noise is everywhere.  It seems like the volume of the noise in our world today is ever increasing.  Frequently it all just becomes white noise- a constant distraction in the background of life. Yet God created us for relationship and relationships require communication.  So how do we learn to tune into the voice of the God who speaks?  Join us Sundays as we learn together to recognize and respond to God’s voice. Continuing to grow in an understanding of the biblical and theological framework of why we believe this is a non-negotiable for any apprentice of Jesus.

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