Feb 03, 2019 | Norah Kennedy

The Blessings & Purpose of Singleness

In the context of a church family that at times (appears to) elevate marriage as the ideal, we can miss the blessing and purpose behind singleness.  God’s “Beautiful Design” for humanity encompasses the unique journey of a single person, and both the blessings and opportunities for spiritual formation that accompany it.  Jesus, of course, modeled how, as a single person, it is possible to live a flourishing Kingdom life within the context of a loving community.  Both marriage and singleness have something important to reveal to us about our relationship with Jesus, and we know your heart will be strengthened as you listen to Norah Kennedy share from her own experience of Jesus and His Word within the context of her life story. 

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We all long for and crave deep and meaningful relationships. It has always been God’s beautiful design that human relationships – of which marriage is the most intimate and most profound – would be a major vehicle through which God would remake the human heart from the inside out.

There is a lot of confusion about what marriage is intended to be and how our sexuality is to be expressed in our day.

Into this reality, we need to uncover again (or perhaps for the first time), God’s beautiful design for marriage and sexuality. We invite you to join us for this important conversation. 

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