Sermons by: Jeremy Peters

Aug 27, 2017

One Day With Jesus

This week Pastor Jeremy will be describing what 'one day with Jesus...

Jun 25, 2017

Why Baptism Matters

Pastor Jeremy teaches us what baptism is and why does it matter?

May 28, 2017

Family Matters

Pastor Jeremy shares some of the family matters that affect us as a...

Mar 26, 2017

A Pervasive Presence

Pastor Jeremy reflects on Zechariah’s vision and how it calls us...

Feb 19, 2017

Refined Through Fire

The question is, ‘how do we navigate life’s testing and trials in a way...

Jan 22, 2017

Heart Re-Alignment

The prophet Joel expressed in Joel 2 that in the last days, God would...

Jan 08, 2017

Relentless Pursuit

In John 7:38, Jesus said: "Anyone who believes in me may come and...