Sep 03, 2017 | Lisa Peters

One In Christ: A Communion Reflection

In John 17 Jesus prayed that we, the Church, would be one as He is one with the Father. This is no small request! In this weeks' message- Pastor Lisa will unpack this beautiful passage and share how Jesus Himself is the key to the fulfillment of His own prayer. It is possible for us to be one together… but only in Christ.

Series Information

Paul Simon famously wrote and sung the words “I am a Rock, I am an Island” and while 100’s of thousands of people have sung along with him, the simple fact is that it isn’t true. None of us is an island unto ourselves – we are all linked to one another by God’s design. One of our prayer priorities as a

church family is that we might take greater ownership for one another in relationship leading to a greater experience of biblical community. In this series, we’ll explore what it means to be linked together and the responsibility we have to each other as a result of God’s master-plan.

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