Feb 17, 2019 | Jeremy Peters

Exploring a Biblical View on Same-Sex Attraction- PART 1 of 4

There is perhaps no other human reality in our time that requires more humility, grace, courage and a listening posture than that of same-sex relationships.  Many people wrestle with what the Bible teaches on this topic and how to navigate the implications in a way that reflects the grace and truth of Jesus.  Join us with a humble, teachable spirit as we have the first of 3 conversations on this part of the human experience. (The second and third conversations will take place Sunday, February 24th in both the morning service and evening Q&A forum with Journey Canada www.journeycanada.org)  

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We all long for and crave deep and meaningful relationships. It has always been God’s beautiful design that human relationships – of which marriage is the most intimate and most profound – would be a major vehicle through which God would remake the human heart from the inside out.

There is a lot of confusion about what marriage is intended to be and how our sexuality is to be expressed in our day.

Into this reality, we need to uncover again (or perhaps for the first time), God’s beautiful design for marriage and sexuality. We invite you to join us for this important conversation. 

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