Sep 09, 2012 | Nathan C.

Engaging with a Discover Partner

Pastor Nathan teaches us about our first core practice Discover Partners – this is to say, knowing God – personally…not just about God.  Modern-day western church culture tends to emphasize “Sunday morning” church services as the best place to deepen in knowing God – through dynamic leaders, passionate worship times and compelling sermons.  While these certainly can play a part – there is an even more essential practice that we believe will deepen our understanding of God.  It is a practice that we call “Discover Partners” – a group of 2 or 3 people that commit to reading large portions of the Bible together and connecting on a regular basis to discuss what God is teaching them through the scriptures, to spur on one another in their apprenticeship journeys and to pray together for spiritually disoriented people.  Jesus engaged with his inner circle of closest friends in this way and we think that no practice cuts more to the essence of day-to-day Christianity than this.

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