Oct 07, 2018 | Mike Sotski

Do You Know Your Roots?

Each and everyone of us is shaped and impacted by the places that we come from. For some there is a great sense of national or cultural pride that they identify with. Where we come from begins to set for us a foundation that we stand upon as we enter into the world we live in. It shapes how we view and interact with the world. It has impacted us with a legacy that we are carrying forward. What about our roots as people who are choosing to follow Jesus? What is the foundation, what is the legacy we are carrying forward and where are our roots planted? Join us this Sunday as we take some time to explore our roots and the legacy we are carrying forward.

Series Information

One of the key images for us throughout our building redevelopment effort has been that the new facility would serve as a kind of ‘greenhouse’; that it would be the kind of environment that would provide optimal conditions for the seeds of the Kingdom to flourish.

However, plants of all kinds are not to find their permanent home in a greenhouse. Rather, they are tended and nurtured for a season that they may then be healthy and vibrant and ready to be re-planted in various homes, neighbourhoods and gathering places throughout a community.

As we invite 3-year financial commitments to The Seed Project, we will spend the month of October reflecting on how Jesus intends to grow us as a community of His apprentices – not just for our own sake – but that we might see the Kingdom of God express itself in St. Albert and beyond.

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