Aug 06, 2017 | Keith Molberg

Better Together

As humans we are wired for connection in community.  How does the church function as a worshiping community?  What characterizes our corporate worship?  What happens when we meet together as the body of Christ?  Join us Sunday as we explore the significance and power of corporate worship in the presence of our Creator and Saviour. Join us this Sunday as we kick off our new sermon series -  Everyday Church. 

Series Information

Every Sunday we as a community, send each other out with a simple statement of intent - that we would be the Church in our everyday life - where we live, learn, work and play.  We know that the Church is not simply a religious service that happens for an hour on Sundays, but rather a people who are learning to express the life of Jesus everyday.  What does this look like in practical reality?  What does it mean to be the Church everyday?

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Aug 06, 2017

Better Together

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