Jun 10, 2018 | Mike Sotski

Ask for Anything?

Matthew 7:7-11

Ask for anything?  Have you ever asked for something and never got what you wanted? Has that diminished your hope, caused you to wonder if you would ever get what you hoped for? Join us this Sunday as we look at what Jesus has to say about asking and the response we can expect from him.

Series Information

In John 17 Jesus makes a startling claim that He had ‘completed the work [the Father] gave [Him] to do’ – and this was prior to His death and resurrection. If the cross had not yet come, what work was He speaking of? He was referring to the work of establishing a group of apprentices who would be able to carry and embody His vision and His message out into all the world.  As a faith community, we are seeking to grow as apprentices of this one who knew how to live the life we were designed for and empowers and enables us to live with God right now.

 Throughout the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus confronts false narratives that keep us from experiencing life abundantly and offers another narrative, another path towards a life that leads to fullness and joy (“You have heard it said...but I tell you...”). This great sermon is Jesus’ public declaration of His intentions, beliefs, and vision for life in the Kingdom of God.


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