Youth Ministries

Wednesday, December 6 @ 6:30-9:00 pm
Come celebrate Christmas at our second annual Merge Idol.  Come for lots of food and get ready for  some belly chuckles as each small group puts on a music video.  Bring $10 on Wednesday nights or register online. Deadline is Sunday, Dec. 3.


MERGE is a group of grade 7-12 students that are all about seeing their stories MERGE with the story that God has been telling throughout all of history!

We do this by learning to become apprentices of Jesus… those who follow him and seek to live like him. MERGE meets Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:30 pm at the church, with special events happening most months! Pick up a current issue of The StAAC magazine for a full MERGE calendar.

Email Pastor Dan for more info. 

If you haven't already registered, print and complete the Merge registration form and bring it with you on Wednesday.

Watch one of our Small Group leaders Josh in action with his small group! 

 Watch the video below for more reasons to become a MERGE leader!

For more info on MERGE or becoming a Small Group Leader contact Pastor Dan