Group Life

Looking for a place to connect? Click on the links below for our C3 Group opportunities or to sign up for a Small Group. 





We want to intentionally cultivate to provide opportunities for people to be able to grow in ownership for one another and community with each other.  The intent is NOT that someone will connect in all 4 environments (though it’s possible some might choose to do so), but rather to provide multiple environments that are accessible for people to connect meaningfully with one another.

Here is a chart of all our connecting opportunities at StAAC and how they work!


Life on Life in 2s and 3s 

These relationships consist of 2-3 people who connect regularly in a real time wrestle of apprenticeship with Jesus. Apprenticeship Prayer Partners meet at times which work within your schedules and include life-application of scripture, praying for each other, family and friends and listening prayer times. Apprenticeship Prayer Partners provide the greatest potential for life change and pressing in deeper with the apprenticeship journey.  


Study, sharing and support!

Small Groups are formed with 8-12 people in a structured consistent format with intentional, interactive study and  emphasis on spiritual growth! The groups often meet in homes, or occasionally in the church on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Small Groups offer ongoing shared support for each other and can sometimes meet around a variety of interests, life-stages, and pursuits – each one providing a unique environment for people to grow together.

Small Group are currently taking new members! Click HERE to view our Small Group Directory and sign up for one that interests you. 


A casual, connecting community!

Our C3 Groups meet monthly in a loosely structured social environment, they are always open and suitable for anyone (including those with no spiritual backgrounds)!  These group environments are a  low-pressure way to meet people and a great place for new Apprenticeship Prayer Partners and Small Groups to form. While there is space for short, structured conversation and smaller group discussions, these groups are not meant to put you on the spot and there is no commitment required to participate.


Fun, free, family!

Connect events consist of  larger spaces for more of our church to gather outside of our regular Sunday service environment. These events could happen following a service in our Parking lot, (such as our Summer or Fall Kick-offs), at a park or other recreational venue. Our Connect events are open to everyone from our Xtreme Kids to our Seniors community and there is zero ongoing commitment… just come and join in! Connect events are great for the families in our church to get involved. 

Keep updated on upcoming Connect Events through The StAAC APP