Apprenticeship Training

All About Apprenticeship 

Here at St. Albert Alliance Church, we take seriously the practical experience of being an apprentice of Jesus. We want to be a community of people who live like Jesus, engaging in a lifestyle that reflects his day-to-day priorities.

We understand that growing as an apprentice of Jesus isn't an overnight process - nor does growth happen by chance. With these realities in mind, we provide the following opportunities for individuals to take intentional steps in your training as an apprentice of Jesus.

These ongoing training opportunities are some of the best ways to learn about and connect with the unique heartbeat of the St. Albert Alliance Church family:

The River
On the last Sunday of every month The River is an evening of spirit-led worship and prayer that provides an environment conducive to deepening your life with God - a place where the rivers of living water will flow within you!

Hearing God Seminar
A 5 week seminar and practicum aimed at learning about what it means to hear God speak.

Short School of Prayer
A 6 week course all about growing in one's understanding and experience of prayer in a variety of expressions.

A series of interactive sessions that engage people in conversations about faith, life and Jesus. Enjoy food, laughter and learning in a fun and friendly atmosphere where no question about life and God is out of bounds.

Encounter Freedom A weekend all about experiencing freedom and healing in areas of bondage and brokenness in our lives.

Short School Of Mission
Three mini-modules focused on learning what it means to be on mission with Jesus.

Module 1
Waking Up The Neighbourhood

A weekend all about learning and experiencing what it actually means to love our neighbours.

Module 2
Stepping Into Your Story

A six week journey of exploring and stepping into the unique calling that God has placed on your life.

Module 3
Change The World

A one day intensive that introduces global mission and prepares you for cross-cultural engagement.

The Foundations Course
A more comprehensive, 12 week training opportunity which takes participants through a holistic look at what it means to be in right relationship with God, with yourself and with others.

We encourage you to consider how you might prioritize participating in these training opportunities in the coming seasons.

There is no specific order in which these training opportunities must be engaged - each one stands on it's own.